LRTB: Carly, Nia, Mats, Jannick, Lisanne, Lieke, Imke



Nia Hudson Chair
Marieke van de Water Vice-Chair
Lieke Huls Secretary
Carly Hutten Treasurer
Imke Staffhorst Editor in Chief
Emma van der Meij Editor
Mats van Rossum Layout and Media
Jannick Groeneveld Layout and Media

Hi, we are Nia, Carly, Emma, Imke, Jannick, Lieke, Lisanne, Marieke, and Mats . For the next academic year we will form the Almanak Committee!

Once every five years, Sigma celebrates its Lustrum, which will  be 2 weeks of various parties and activities to celebrate the birthday of the association. Along with this, it is our job to create a beautiful almanak detailing Sigma over the past five years. 

We will design, create, and build the almanak for the 9th Lustrum of Sigma! Of course we cannnot tell you what the theme will be, but planning and designing has already begun! We work closely with the LustrumCee, so if you watch their social media closely, maybe you can guess the theme!

We can't wait for you all to get your hands on the amazing almanak we produce!


The AlmanakCee