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Analytical ChemistryProf. dr. L.BuygensHG01.714
Applied Materials ScienceDr. J. Schermer, HG03.523 
BiochemistryProf. dr. R. Brock, RIMLS, route 286
BioinformaticsProf. dr. G. Vriend, RIMLS, route 260
Biomolecular ChemistryProf. dr. Pruijn, RIMLS, route 284
Bio-organic ChemistryProf. dr. J van Hest, HG03.015
Biophysical ChemistryDr. H. Heus, HG03.341
Electronic Structure of MaterialsProf. R. de Groot, HG03.047
Environmental ScienceProf. dr. M. Huijbregts, HG02.7..
Molecular and BiophysicsProf. dr. W. van der Zande, Transitorium 01.020
Molecular and Laser PhysicsProf. dr. D. Parker, HG01.718 
Molecular MaterialsProf. dr. A. Rowan, HG03.014
Molecular NanotechnologyProf. dr. R. Nolte, HG03.009
Molecular Pharmacology and ToxicologyProf. dr. F. Russel, RIMLS, route 286
Molecular Structure and DynamicsProf. dr. J. Oomens, Transitorium 01.022
Physical-organic ChemistryProf. dr. W. Huck, HG03.028
Scanning Probe MicroscopyDr. J. Elemans, HG01.075
Soft Condensed Matter and Nanomaterials in High Magnetic FieldsProf. dr. P. Christianen, HFML 02-05
Solid State ChemistryProf. dr. E. Vlieg, HG
Solid State NMRProf. dr. A. Kentgens, HG03.343
Spectroscopy of Solids and InterfacesProf. dr. Th. Rasing, HG01.072
Synthetic Organic ChemistryProf. dr. F. Rutjes, HG03.024
Theoretical ChemistryProf. dr. G. Groenenboom, HG03.040
Theory of Condensed MatterProf. dr. M. Katsnelson, HG03.062