Since the studytour will only take place in May, the programme is under construction. There will be regular updates on this page. For now you can find a first draft programme.

Monday - 1st of May

  • Flight to Helsinki
  • Get to know each other

Tuesday - 2nd of May

  • Visit the University of Helsinki

Wednesday - 3rd of May

  • Company vist
  • City tour Helsinki/cultural activity

Thursday - 4th of May

  • Visit ECHA

Friday - 5th of May

  • Boat to Tallinn
  • Visit university of Tallinn/National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics

Saturday - 6th of May

  • City tour Tallinn

Sunday - 7th of May

  • Activity in nature

Monday - 8th of May

  • Visit Tallinn University of Technology
  • Boat back to Helsinki

Tuesday - 9th of May

  • Company visit
  • Nature/cultural activity

Wednesday - 10th of May

  • Company visit outside of Helsinki

Thursday - 11th of May

  • Visit University of Aalto

Friday - 12th of May

  • Cultural activity
  • Flight back to Netherlands