Participation organs

The Radboud University has student government organizations on several levels in the organization of the university. The Programme Committees (OLC’s: 'Opleidingscommissies') have a say in decisions involving the different study programmes, the student council of the Science faculty (FSR: 'Facultaire Studentenraad') meets with the board of the faculty and influences the decisions that involve faculty-wide matters. At the highest level is the Students Council of the University (USR: 'Universitaire Studentenraad'), which meets with the executive board and they have voice in university-wide decisions. All these participation bodies require active input from the students. It is important for you to know who to approach and how. Below you will find an overview of all participation councils.

Programme committees (OLCs)

There are three relevant OLCs for Sigma members: those for Molecular Life Sciences, Science and Chemistry. These three OLCs oversee the quality of their respective study programme. They do this for instance by evaluating the courses through surveys and teacher evaluations. With the information they get this way they grade the quality of the education. This feedback is then relayed to the Education Institute for Molecular Sciences, the teachers and the students, which ensures that the quality of education is maintained at the required level. Changes to the curriculum that are specific to the studies are also discussed with the OLCs, who advise on this matter. Think, for example, about removing or merging courses. For all your questions, remarks, complaints or suggestions related to the study you can contact the OLC of your study. They welcome your input.   

OLC Chemistry

Chair: Ernst van Eck

Secretary: Carlijn Hendriks

Student-secretary: Minou Tinnevelt

Staff members: Hugo Meekes, Rosalie van Zelm and Hans Elemans

Student members: Roel van de Ven, Bart Straten, Frederique Turlings, Laurie Novák



Assesor Chemistry:  Florian Ort


OLC Molecular Life Sciences

Chair: Jeroen Janssen

Secretary: Carlijn Hendriks

Student secretary: Marit Hoogendonk

Staff members: Jan Koenderink, Jasmin Mecinovic, Thomas Boltje

Student members:Carlotta Schieler, Denise Lejeune, Roel van de Ven, Dariga Zhaugasheva


Assessor MLS:  Thyrza Loman


OLC Science 18-19

OLC Science

Chair: Dr. Hugo Meekes

Secretary: Luc-Jan Laarhoven

Student-secretary: Denise Meerkerk

Staff members: Paul Kouwer, Jannie Peters, Hans Egelkamp

Student members: Luuk Hesselink, Corry Smink, Roderik Krebbers, Remy Richie



Assessor: Reon Baars


Faculty Student Council (FSR)

The Science faculty has it's own student government body which has a say in matters concerning our faculty. This might for instance entail an expansion of the computer work areas, changes in the opening hours of the Huygens building or faculty-wide changes regarding education. The FSR welcomes all your suggestions concerning our faculty. Do you think there should be more space to park your bicycle? Do you think the lines for the student help desk are too long? The FSR tries to get a grip on all the injustices and problems so we remain the best faculty of the university!


FSR Faculty of Science
(left to right) Thijs de Jong, Sofie Buesink, Ana Avramovic, Lennart Jansen, Kayleigh Schouren.
Assessor Faculty of Science: (most right) Bart Zonneveld

University Student Council (USR)
The USR concerns itself with university-wide policy. This varies from investments in real estate to career orientation to the binding study advice (BSA). These forms of policy are independent of the indiviual study programmes and concern all students of the Radboud University. The USR advises the University Board regarding decisions that involve the students and the employees of the university. A sample of achievements of the USR: the university campus got its own SSHN-complex (Sterrenbosch), there are grants available for students who occupy a board function in a student organisation, the University Library is open on Saturday and Sunday and there is WiFi available everywhere on the university campus. The USR consists of eight chosen members from student's parties (AKKUraatd, ASAP and De Vrije Student) and six members that are put forward by the different umbrella organisations.


USR 2018-2019

Chair: Gijs Kooistra (AKKUraadtd)
Vice chair: Eline Bollaart (asap)
Secretary: Lisa de Jager (CSN)
Flore van Grunsven (AKKUraatd
Marek Voesenek (AKKUraatd)
Sander van der Goes (AKKUraatd)
Job Verwaaij (asap)
Jessica Oudenampsen (asap)
Xander van Ulsen (asap)
Niels Hoek (CODC)
Nienke Wessel (ISON)
Lara Mascini (B.O.S.)
Nanne van Mil (NSSR)
Savannah Mellendijk (SOFv)

Visit this site for more information about the current USR

Visiting adress: Thomas van Aquinostraat 3