The confidant is a person within Sigma, to which (committee) members can tell confidential matters. These matters can be complaints, like dysfunctioning committee/board members, or personal topics. If there is ever something you want to talk about, do not hesitate to email your issue to the confidant . Your email will be directed to the confidants inbox only and the confidant will never share information with other people without approval. 

This academic year we have two confidants.


Aniek Hofstede is the first confidant. You should contact her if you have a problem concerning committees, but she can also be contacted about complaints and personal topics. You can reach her by sending a mail to

Joost van den Heuij is the second confidant and can help with complaints and personal topics. If you feel more comfortable with talking to Joost than Aniek you can contact him. He can be reached by sending a mail to