From left to right, top to bottom: Leanne, Teun, Boris, Robin, Anne, Roos, Jeanine, Tim, Demy.



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Ian Schouwenaar (2013) Chairman
Tim Etman (2016) Secretary
Anne Jacobs (2012) Treasurer
Jeanine Boot (2015) Head of Promotion
Kenny van Hooijdonk (2015) -
Leanne de Jager (2014) -
Robin Kuners of Koenders (2017) -
Boris Olsthoorn (2016) -
Demy van den Haak (2015) -
Roos van Etten (2017) -
Teun van Wieringen (2017) -

Since 1995 our committee arranges exchanges with students from the ETH in Zürich.

One year we go to Zürich for a week and the year after that the Swiss students come to Nijmegen.
Organising this event is a very cool but also big job. That’s why we’re always looking for students who want to help us by joining the committee but also by offering a Swiss student your couch for a week.
(Of course if you offer your couch, you will also have a great week!).If you're interested you can email us or ask any committee member.