Disclaimer: unfortunately, this vacancy is only available in Dutch

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TA positions:

Each quarter, it is possible to be a TA for the courses given in the MW-curriculum. In principle, you qualify as a TA for a course once you have taken and passed the course yourself and if you think you are skilled enough in the topic to be able to explain it to others. The decision on who will be the TAs for a course lies mainly with the lecturer. Below a list of possible TA positions in Q4 is given.
Due to COVID-19, many courses might be subject to change and information on whether you can or cannot assist during a course might take longer to reach you. Thank you for your understanding.

NWI-MOL056 Chemical Bonding (TAs need to be MA students)
- NWI-MOL132 Vector Calculus
- NWI-MOL136 Physical Chemistry 2
- NWI-MOL014 Electricity and Magnetism 1
- NWI-MOL139 Sustainable Chemistry
- NWI-MOL051 Project Spectroscopy
- NWI-MOL170 Panorama Science and Society 1
- NWI-MOL420 Handheld Spectroscopy

If you are interested in TAing one of these courses, please send an email to