Acquisition Committee

From left to right, top to bottom: Thyrza, Jarek, Emmy, Nander, Stijn, Lotte, Stan, Frederique.



Acquisition Committee

Stan Franssen (2015) Chairman
Frederique Turlings (2014) -
Stijn Couwenbergh (2014) -
Thyrza Loman (2014) -
Jarek van Dijk (2015) -
Emmy van Herpen (2016) -

The acquisition committee is responsible for helping the commissioner external affairs with organising the association's sponsorship. Hence the committee is mainly busy corresponding with companies to explore and negotiate new ways of sponsoring or busy with finding new companies to start a collaboration with. Furthermore the committee members will attend to career events if possible, with the aim of finding interesting companies. If necessary the committee members will also help the commissioner educational affairs in finding companies that want to give lunch lectures and/or company visit.