From left to right, top to bottom: Breza, Tara, Eva, Noni, Kasper, Yiri, Thomas, Kim, Minou.

Not depicted: Jonna, Kenny.



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New Year's Borrel
  • Bacchus
  • South Canteen


Breza Witmond (2015) Chairwoman
Minou Tinnevelt (2013) Secretary
Tara Speek (2016) Treasurer
Kim de Roode (2016) Head of Promotion
Thomas Lokkart (2014) -
Noni van Ettinger (2015) -
Kasper Hermanns (2015) -
Kenny van Hooijdonk (2015) -
Eva Harsevoort (2015) -
Jonna de Vries (2015) -
Krista Trendafilova (2017) -
Yiri Massop (2016) -
Jing Jing Cai (2017) -
lise Wubbolts (2016) -

Allow us to introduce ourselves

Bacchus is the commission that organizes informal get-togethers, also know as 'borrels', for Sigma. Every month we organize a drink where everyone is welcome, can have a little chat, play games together or just relax! Bacchus was the Roman god of wine, fertility and parties. For a student-friendly price, beer and wine flows richly. Our borrels usually have a theme, like our famous cocktailborrel or our 'craft beer borrel'.