From left to right: Angelina, Jan Harm, Nicole, Margot, Miriam, Jarek, Jitske, Laura, Grite, Jenny en Karel



Inge van Creij (2015) Chairwoman
Caroline de Jongh (2015) Secretary
Jarek van Dijk (2015) Treasurer and Head of Promotion
Grite Abma (2014) -
Stan Franssen (2015) -
Thijs de Jong (2015) -
Jenny Dammer (2015) -

De symposium committee is an awesome two-year committee. During the first year you'll be a general member, actively participating and learning the ropes. During the second year you'll occupy a specific function: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Sponsor Coordinator or Chief of Promotion. 

Once per year, we organize a symposium around an original and creative theme. We invite lecturers who are experts in the field to give a lecture about their experience. But that's not all! There is a lot more to organize: designing posters, arranging a delicious lunch for 100+ visitors, picking promotional gifts etc. Because of all these responsibilities the work in this committee will look good on your résumé and you will get the space to develop yourself in a group of enthousiastic colleagues.  

To sum up: through this committee you can give your fellow students and yourself a fantastic and instructive day.