From left to right, top to bottom: Thijs, Stan, Jenny, Jarek, Paula, Grite, Inge, Caroline. 




Inge van Creij (2015) Chairwoman
Caroline de Jongh (2015) Secretary
Jarek van Dijk (2015) Treasurer and Head of Promotion
Grite Abma (2014) -
Stan Franssen (2015) -
Thijs de Jong (2015) -
Jenny Dammer (2015) -
Paula Teeuwen (2016) -
Michiel Theelen (2014) -

De symposium committee is an awesome two-year committee. During the first year you'll be a general member, actively participating and learning the ropes. During the second year you'll occupy a specific function: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Sponsor Coordinator or Chief of Promotion. 

Once per year, we organize a symposium around an original and creative theme. We invite lecturers who are experts in the field to give a lecture about their experience. But that's not all! There is a lot more to organize: designing posters, arranging a delicious lunch for 100+ visitors, picking promotional gifts etc. Because of all these responsibilities the work in this committee will look good on your résumé and you will get the space to develop yourself in a group of enthousiastic colleagues.  

To sum up: through this committee you can give your fellow students and yourself a fantastic and instructive day.