Committees of V.C.M.W. Sigma

CommitteeWhat do they do?When?Email address
A-teamOrganising activities in general. These can be sports based activities and games, etc. +/- 2 times per
AcquisitionOrganising the sponsoring for the associationAll
Organising borrels and themed borrelsEach
Organising the exchange trip to Switzerland
Annually in May
Making the periodical 'G-mi' magazine
4 times per
Integration related activities and surveys to improve integration
+/- 2 times per year
OneCeeIntroduce first years to committee life and Sigma and allow them to organise activities of their own2 times per
Parents'DayCeeOrganising the Parents' Day Annually in
PhotonTaking pictures and publishing them on the websiteAt each physical
Sigma on survival (SOS)Organising a weekend tripAnnually in
StudyCeeOrganising excursions, lectures and study afternoons+/- 2 times per
StudyTourCeeOrganising a trip abroad for bachelor and master students, counting for EC. Bi-annually in May
Organising the symposium
Annually in April,


We can't camp
Organising the weekend camp
Annually in October

External CommitteesWhat do they do?When?Email address
GalaCeeOrganising the annual Beta GalaAnnually in the 3rd
IntroCeeOrganising the orientation for Chemistry, MLS and ScienceAnnually in

Temporary CommitteesWhat do they do?When?Email address
AlmanakCeeMake the Almanak for the association's lustrumDuring the lustrum
LustrumCeeOrganising the lustrum celebration of the associationDuring the lustrum

How to Join a Committee? 
Talk to people from the committee at one of their activities or send an email to their e-mail adress!