From left to right, top to bottom: Menno, Job, Arif, Niels, Lise, Anne, Leanne, Mathilde, Lea, Hilde, Wiebke, Efi, Anna

Not depicted: Koen




Anna Bleeck (2016) Chairwoman
Lea Kornau (2016) Secretary
Wiebke Schwark (2014) Treasurer
Hilde Enting (2016) Head of Promotion
Leanne de Jager (2014) -
Anne Jacobs (2012) -
Koen Verstegen (2013) -
Effrosyni Tsouri (2016) -
lise Wubbolts (2016) -
Niels van Weerdhuizen (2016) -
Arif Keskin (2016) -
Mathilde Janssen (2014) -
Menno Baak (2015) -
Job Gieling (2016) -

Dear Sigminions,

We are one of the most creative committees of the study association Sigma: Photon!

Our goal is to make photos and videos at the activities that Sigma is hosting. We make sure that you can relive all those precious moments. We also have a get together each quarter to make a poster filled with those photo's, which will grace the 'Zuidkantine' in all its beauty. Plenty of creativity goes into that poster, to make sure that each edition stands out even more!

So, do you like taking pictures? Or do you like filming the activities? Feel free to contact us by talking to one of us or sending us an e-mail: !
You don't even need to have your own camera! We have cameras that you can borrow.


Hilde, Lea, Anna, Lise, Anne, Koen, Leanne, Wiebke, Niels, Efi, Arif, Menno, Mathilde, Job