From left to right, from top to bottom: Lian, Jeroen, Tim, Aman, Xiamei, Lotte, Fere, Frederique, Lisanne, Stijn.



Events StudieCie


Frederique Turlings (2014) Chairwoman
Fere van der Velde (2015) Secretary
Lotte van Vlimmeren (2015) Treasurer
Tim Janssen (2011) Head of Promotion
Stijn Couwenbergh (2014) -
Jeroen Bruekers (2013) -
Xiamei Klancnik (2015) -
Lisanne de Jong (2015) -
Amangeldy Urazov (2016) -
Julie Lammers (2016) -

The StudyCee organizes study-related activities for the members of Sigma. Although it might be important to have fun, finishing your study is even more important.

To achieve this we organize a broad range of lectures. These lectures can, amongst others, help you to orientate for your internship, meet some companies you might end up working for and get some information about e.g. a year as board-member. There are also lectures about the policy- and education directions you could follow. Free lunch is always provided.

Besides lectures we also organize excursions to some (bio)chemical companies so you can take a look at what happens inside. We also organize the study-days. Here you can study together with other students. We provide coffee, tea, biscuits and most importantly people who can answer all your questions regarding the most difficult courses of the quarter. This is a great opportunity to tackle your last problems just before the exams.

Lastly we organize a few different courses. You might learn how to use Photoshop or LaTeX, or you could take a course on presenting or studying effectively. These courses usually take one afternoon.

With all this help your study is supposed to progress more smoothly. Because of this we hope to see you soon at our activities!


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