Studytour Information

Welcome to the information page for the studytour 2022-2023. Here we will post updates about amongst others the programme, case studies and other practicalities. 


The study tour 2023 - a master's level subject:

The Study Tour 2023 Molecular Sciences is a master's level subject at the Radboud University (course ID NWI-SM300A). Completion of this subject affords students 3 EC towards their Master of Science degree in Molecular Sciences. This, of course, implies that students devote time and effort towards it. Aside from taking part in the actual journey itself, students will be expected to perform a number of tasks satisfactorily in order to avail themselves of these credits.

Before departure, each student will be assigned a particular aspect relating to the culture, science or educational system of one of the countries to be visited in order to perform a prestudy. These prestudies will be presented during a symposium the attendance of which is mandatory for all participants. Further, from these prestudies a research question should be identified that the student(s) will try to answer during the actual visit abroad. Assignment of these aspects to be researched to individual students will be performed by the committee in close consultation with the academic supervisors but enthusiastic proposals are always welcome!

During the trip, students will be responsible to take sufficient notes to produce daily reports in small groups so that a complete and detailed record of the visits can be compiled for publication as a bound report after returning. Students will also be expected to actively participate in the events planned in the form of contributing to discussions, asking pertinent questions during visits and so forth.

After returning from abroad, students' attempts to answer their respective research questions will be expected to result in short reports that bring their prestudies to a fruitful conclusion.