Young KNCV

About Young KNCV

'Jong KNCV' was founded in 2006 as part of the KNCV. The Jong KNCV Board looks after the interests of younger KNCV members. The Jong KNCV organises activities for the benefit of its target group throughout the country, this includes company visits, workshops and lectures.  

Together with the VNCI (The Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry), the KNCV supports study associations by organising symposiums and contributing financially, as well as supplying materials for goody bags. For more information and application, contact

How to subscribe for the KNCV

The KNCV is a Dutch organization for people that work/study in a chemical field. If you want to subscribe for this, this can be done the following way. Please note that the site, and the entire procedure, is in Dutch. 

Go to the page

Go to the header “Lidmaatschap” and click on “Lid worden van de KNCV”.

This will lead you to a different part of the site. Read this part carefully, and click on “Word lid”. 

A new site opens, with different options of memberships. You are a student, and want to become a member, so click on “Studentlid worden”. 

You are lead to a new page, which explains that for your first year is for free, and afterwards a contribution needs to be paid. Again, personal information is asked from you. Everything with a star needs to be filled in. At the part “Studiegegevens”, please fill in that you are from the university: Radboud University Nijmegen. The associations is of course V.C.M.W. Sigma. Proceed with the rest of the from, and click on “word lid”.

Now you are a member of the KNCV!