From left to right, top to bottom: Roel, Maurits, Stan, Timo, Tim, Inge, Michiel, Sybren, Thomas, Jelle.




Jelle Siemes (2013) Chairman
Stan Franssen (2015) Head of quotes
Michiel Theelen (2014) Design
Maurits Vercammen (2011) -
Sybren Schoustra (2013) -
Thomas Lokkart (2014) -
Timo Meulmeester (2016) -
Inge van Creij (2015) -
Roel van de Ven (2015) -
Tim Etman (2016) -

Dear members,

Every year the authors and editors of G-mi are in charge of the publication of the magazine which happens to be carrying the same name. Anually, we publish five editions among which the notorious Smoelenboek (or in English: facebook, but copyright infringement scares me). The rest of the magazine is bursting at seams of articles that are related to our field of study or the association, or sometimes neither of those simply depending on the theme. Stunning reports, edgy columns, challenging pieces related to our field and of course the collection of the most hilarious and shamefull sentences that should not have been said (or to put it briefly: the Quotes page). Besides of these, we have some pieces that we try to do every edition. We’ll come visit and interview some of the freshmen over diner and we’ll get you a sneak peek in what the life of our professors looks like.

This way we hope to keep this magazine something that is made by and for the members of Sigma. Something you read to get a broader insight in your field of study, or simply to relax and have a good laugh in the process. What’s new is that from the next year, we’ll also be writing some articles in English and will also be providing you with some Dutch vocab and idiom.

 If you’re interested in writing or perhaps you’ve already written something, you can always submit it for publishing without being a member of the committee. Of course, the best course of action is to become a member and experience the true beer and bitterballen experience. You can send an email or if you prefer to email

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