Dear Sigmanes,

Whether you’re a computer scientist, a biologist, a chemist, a mathematician or something in between: the Huygens building is your home. At our beautiful faculty you can enjoy Foucault’s pendulum at the entrance and cheap “tosti’s” and sodas in the North and South Canteens.

Umbrella association Olympus is the association that makes lots of these beautiful things possible. The North and South Canteens wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for Olympus. But, besides that, Olympus also organises various activities at which you won’t only meet Sigmanes and Leos, but there will be other beta students present as well!

Examples of activities organised by Olympus are Olympus Presents: B-film, the LAN-night, the Film Night and of course the famous BeestFeest.

Olympus Presents: B-film is an easy concept: watch a movie together with some friends, a beer and a ‘broodje knak’. The Film Night is a little different. It’s the second biggest event organised by Olympus. From 8.00 PM to 6.00 AM there will be lots of new and different movies in 5 theatres (read: locations at the Huygensbuilding, like lecture rooms). Every Sigmane should have been there and stay awake all night at least once in their life!

The biggest Olympus event is the BeestFeest, which has gained a legendary reputation in Nijmegen. Party location: Doornroosje. Originally, the BeestFeest was for bètas only, but it recently got popular for lots of alphas as well. This only means one thing: the bigger the party, the bigger the joy. There are several BeestFeest editions per year, all with their own theme to make each and every one of them a unique experience. So you shouldn’t miss a single BeestFeest!

If you want to know more about Olympus, you should ask a member of the Olympus board. And if you don’t know who they are: the Sigma board will surely help you or you could check out our site. We hope to see you at Olympus Presents B-Film or at the BeestFeest of course!

You can find the latest BeestFeest updates and taken pictures on Facebook:

Don’t want to miss a single event? Sync our google agenda with your own!

Contact us at:

Email: olympus@science.ru.nl
Site: http://www.olympus.science.ru.nl/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Olympus-Nijmegen-153473024745222/?fref=ts
Room: HG00.149 & HG00.150, ask for Olympus

Olympus Board 2017-2018