LRTB: Jannick, Emma, Arjen, Clara, Aleid, Swen, Joey, Tieze, Grace, Mark, Adar, Liselotte, Anna


OneCee Games Night
  • OneCee
  • Huygens, South-Canteen

The Onecee has been established to allow the first years to become more involved with our study association. This committee consists of only first years, together with two second-year students to guide them. The goal is to let them experience how a committee works and what it is like to be in one. You will for instance get to know what the role of the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Head of Promotion is, and what kind of things you have to arrange and think of when organising an activity. After being in the Onecee, it will be a lot easier for the first years to make the step to another committee.
The first activity we will organize is a low key activity for first years only. This is to become comfortable with organize an activity for other students, without having to rule over scary seniors. By making the activity for first years only, first years also get a chance to get to know each other better in a setting outside lecture rooms and tutorials. Around February, the Onecee will organise its second activity, this one will be bigger and more spectacular, since it is for all our fellow Sigmates. This committee won’t take up a lot of your time, it just about having fun together and experiencing what it is like to be part of a committee and doing something for your association.


Clara Lalo Chair
Tieze van den Elsen -
Aleid Vogels -
Adar Zeren -
Anna Veerhoek -
Arjen Brenninkmeijer -
Emma van der Meij -
Grace Harding -
Jannick Groeneveld -
Joey van den Broek -
Liselotte Geerte van Geelen -
Mark Dommerholt -
Nicole van der Zanden -
Swen Besselink -