43rd Board of V.C.M.W. Sigma: Aniek, Laurie, Joost, Julianne, Mathijs, Robin, Tieze

The 43rd Board of V.C.M.W. Sigma

Julianne van Ingen Schenau

Joost van den Heuij

Mathijs Bouma

Laurie Novák

Robin Kuners of Koenders

Aniek Hofstede

Tieze van den Elsen




Commissioner Educational Affairs

Commissioner External Affairs

Commissioner Internal Affairs

Commissioner Activities

Julianne van Ingen Schenau

Chairman: Julianne van Ingen Schenau

Dear Sigmates,

My name is Julianne (or Juul), I am currently twenty-one years old and I am a third year chemistry student. This year I will be the chairman of the 43rd board of V.C.M.W. Sigma. This means I will be chairing the board and general meetings, keep an eye on the other board members and visit a lot of external meetings and activities. Apart from the board I am in Sigma’s picture committee Photon, which I joined after half a year of studying in Nijmegen.

I was born and raised in the city of blue fingers: Zwolle. I sadly had to leave my hometown to study and I ended up in the beautiful Bottendaal. In my free time I love to dance, which I have been doing since I can remember. In high school I played theatre as well but that hobby got replaced by the student life. I am always up for a trip to Belgium as an excuse to drink craft beer for a whole weekend (past year I went three times, whoops…).

If you have something to share or aks you can always come up to me. You will probably find me at my spot in the Library of Science, in de South canteen, the board rooms or at Sigma activities taking pictures!

Joost van den Heuij

Secretary: Joost van den Heuij

Hello Sigmates,

My name is Joost, and I will be the secretary of the 43rd Board of V.C.M.W. Sigma. I’m in my fourth year of Chemistry, and I am 21 years old. Furthermore, I am the chairman of the G-mi this year, which is the booklet that comes out every quarter. So basically everything that has something to do with writing, is done by me. 

I spent my youth in the beautiful city Maasbommel. It is a city with about 1400 residents, but it has city rights, which I am very proud of. As a kid I really liked cars. I had about 4 crates just full of cars, with which I always played. When getting older that love got replaced with my love for watching sports. Note that I do not really sport myself, but mainly love watching it. I furthermore have always loved singing. Some, no, most of you will probably know that by now.

If there is anything you ever want to ask me, or want to talk about football (this can go on for hours), you can find me in the board rooms, South Canteen, or of course at activities!

Mathijs Bouma

Treasurer: Mathijs Bouma

Dear Sigmans,

My name is Mathijs Bouma I am currently 20 years old and in my third year of Chemistry. At the end of my first year I joined Bacchus and can say with confidence that I am an experienced borrelaar by now. On top of this I am also a member of the Acquisition Committee. This year I will be the treasurer of V.C.M.W. Sigma, meaning I will be in charge of the money and finances of the association.

I grew up in Veghel which is located in Noord-Brabant, if you go to its Wikipedia page it

will tell you that it is a medium sized city, but it’s more like a big village. I lived there with my parents, brother and two sisters, my whole youth until I moved to Nijmegen in my first year. 

Of course there is more to me than studying and board work. I love to play field hockey in my free time and I am always open to grabbing a drink with friends or friends-to-be or both. If you ever need something from me or want to talk about nothing in particular you can always find me in the Huygens Building, or send an email! 


Mathijs Bouma

Laurie Novák

Commissioner Educational Affairs: Laurie Novák

Dear Sigmates,

My name is Laurie Novák, currently 21 years old and third year Chemistry student. This year, I will be the Commissionair Educational Affairs of the 43rd board. I will be in charge of your oversized labcoats, sale of your books and your well-deserved diplomas.

I was born and raised in Den Haag (The Hague), the most beautiful city of the Netherlands. After living there for 18 years, I decided to take a gap year as an Au Pair in Ireland. After living abroad for 7 months in an Irish family, I started my study Chemistry and moved to Nijmegen.

As I love traveling, I signed up for the SOS trip to Prague in my first year and had such a great time that I decided to join that committee. Many more committees followed such as IntegraCee, StudyCee, the Programme Committee and more. Besides the committee work, I also like to play Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, play the guitar and baking (although I never have the time). I also have a big interest in the ancient Greek and Latin texts and mythology.

So, if you want to talk about the Odyssey, the ‘Volleybaldames’ or chocolate, you can find me in the boardrooms or at a Sigma-activity! I hope to see you soon!

Robin Kuners of Koenders

Commissioner External Affairs: Robin Kuners of Koenders

Dear Sigmates,

My name is Robin Kuners of Koenders and I’ll be your Commissioner External affairs. I’m currently 20 years old and in my third year of the bachelor molecular life science. I’m happily responsible for the contact with companies and sponsoring. I would like to make sure that you all have the resources  necessary to develop yourself within Sigma, so everyone has the best possible student life. 

I’m also still developing myself and at the same time doing this within Sigma. This year I hope to learn a lot via my board year. I, however, didn’t start here. I was raised in a town called Etten-Leur. There, I went to school for 14 years, did judo for about as long and when I was 15, I also started a part-time job. This all changed, when I fell in love with the city Nijmegen and moved here when I started studying. In Nijmegen, I found a lot of new friends after an amazing orientation, after a while I also started sporting here and worked two part-time jobs. As some might know, I also became an active member within Sigma almost directly. This escalated a little, since now I’m in 5 committees. Don’t worry, I still work for them with a lot of motivation and a smile on my face.

I’m able to keep that smile on my face due to all the amazing Sigmates. This year, I hope to get to know even more of you. So, please reach out to me at an activity or walk past the boardrooms for a chat!

Aniek Hofstede

Commissioner Internal Affairs: Aniek Hofstede

Hey lovely Sigmans,

My name is Aniek Hofstede. I’m currently nineteen years old and in my second year of the best study of all: MLS. This year I will be commissioner Internal Affairs of the 43th board of Sigma. This means that I will make sure all the committees are functioning well and that I will be in charge of the (very full and chaotic) year planning. 

I was born in the big city of Rotterdam. My parents decided this was way too exciting so we moved to a very small town in the Netherlands, Boven-Leeuwen, when I was about three years old. I assume you all have never heard of this town and I think it is better to keep it that way. When I went to Nijmegen to study, I quickly became active within Sigma. I joined the activity committee A-team and the picture committee Photon. I also went to almost all activities and still managed to get my BSA.

Besides Sigma and studying I like to play games, drink with friends (which most of the time leads to going out), and sing along with popular but also cringeworthy songs.

If you want to get to know me better or just talk about weird and random stuff, you can usually find my in the board rooms, the South Canteen or at any Sigma activity.

Tieze van den Elsen

Commissioner Activites: Tieze van den Elsen

Hello Sigmates!

My name is Tieze van den Elsen, most of the year I’m twenty years old and a second year Chemistry student. This year I take on the function of Commissioner Activities of the 43rd Sigma board! You can count on weekly Maantjes, an awesome dropping, a BBQ and some more activities organized by me.

But who am I? I was born in Ede, a cozy laid-back city to the West of Arnhem. Some of you might know the train station ‘Ede-Wageningen’ which is a big prank because it’s only the train station of Ede. I lived there with my parents and my brother of now 17. Since my 7th I’ve been practicing gymnastics on a national level which I still do (and hope to keep up during my board year!) in Ede as well as in Nijmegen at KUNST. I also enjoy climbing and practically any other sport. 

Since this year I’ll be joining my first Sigma committee, SOS. I’m also in the PitcherCie of Leonardo and the Vacation Committee of KUNST. I hope this will be a fun year in which me and my fellow board members will manage this fun association!