41st Board of V.C.M.W. Sigma, photos by Marijn Maas, From left to right: Stan, Xiamei, Eva, Yiri, Dries, Thyrza and Menno

Yiri Massop

Thyrza Loman

Menno Baak

Xiamei Klancnik

Stan Franssen

Eva Harsevoort

Dries Kleuskens




Commissioner Educational Affairs

Commissioner External Affairs

Commissioner Internal Affairs

Commissioner Activities

Chairman: Yiri Massop

Yiri Massop

Dear Sigmans,

My name is Yiri Massop, currently I am twenty-two years old and, I will be for another 270 days. I will be the Chairman of the 41st board of V.C.M.W. Sigma. Although I am heading into my second year studying chemistry, I’ve been a student for four years already. I studied International Business at the University of Maastricht before attending Radboud University. Last year I handed in my capstone assignment officially graduating as of the 31st of January 2017. As one adventure closed it was now time to start a new one, leading Sigma into an exciting new year.

To further dive into my youth, I was born in a Belgian (overseas) territory, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. More specifically I spend my first eleven years in Terneuzen. When I turned eleven my parents decided to move to Switzerland where I attended middle and high school in Zurich, before returning back to Holland the summer I turned eighteen.

Within the association I am a member of Bacchus and the A-team, as well as organizing Olympus’ first year party last year. In Maastricht I was the Secretary of the 13th board (2013-2014) of M.S.Z.V. Tiburon. I am hoping to use some of my acquired knowledge to successfully guide Sigma through the year.

A close friend offered to help me write this and suggested I would mention that “I love cheese, ice tea, ketchup chips, and sometimes I am in the mood to buy fristi”. Besides the grocery list that was just mentioned, a random fact is a good conclusion; I don’t plan on living in Holland forever, hoping to move and explore the world as soon as my future jobs allow me to.

Feel free to come up to me, and share your life with me as I just shared mine.

Secretary: Thyrza Loman

Thyrza Loman

Hey there Sigmans!

My name is Thyrza Loman and I am twenty one years old. I already start feeling old saying this, but I am doing my fourth year of my MLS bachelor. You can never study for too long! Lucky for me, I’m not the oldest in the board. Back to business, I will be the Secretary of the 41st board of V.C.M.W. Sigma. So, you’ll be seeing my name under quite a few e-mails. Besides being in the board I have been active with Sigma in both the Lustrum Committee and the Parentsday Committee, which I am sadly leaving behind this year. I did however join the Acquisition Committee last year.

I was born in Gouda, the city of cheese and ‘stroopwafels’. Funnily enough I do actually truly love eating both. When I was eighteen I moved to Nijmegen for my study and I have not regretted that choice yet. I do however miss the little baby ducklings during spring. As a kid, I did a few sports like gymnastics, horse riding and folk dancing. These days I am kicking ass kickboxing though. In my personal time, I read or watch series.

Some random facts about me: I have nine piercings and two tattoos and I plan on getting more. I love reading and writing, though I have yet to produce an actual finished story. My favourite drink would be either tea or mead (also known as honey wine). I love all things fantasy, but mostly the dragons. I own like four pairs of hippy pants and too many hats to count.

I hope to see and get to know you this year!

Treasurer: Menno Baak

Menno Baak

Hello Sigmans,

My name is Menno Baak, I’m a third year MLS student and I’m 20 years old. I’m also the Treasurer of the 41st board of Sigma. This means I’m in charge of all the money, and I’m making sure the finances of the association are in order. Furthermore I’m a member of the A-Team, the activities committee, as well as the Orientation Committee and the Alumni Committee.

I’ll tell you some more about myself. I was born in Deventer, but as long as I can remember, I’ve lived in Nijmegen. At the start of my studies, I still lived with my parents, but now i have my own room. I’ve played soccer since I was a kid, but during my first year at the university, I realised that this was not a sport for me, so I quit and started playing handball instead. The time i’m not spending on Sigma or playing sports, I spend on my computer, gaming or watching series.

So if you want to get to know me more, or if you want to talk to me about handball strategies or the latest e-sports development or some new series you picked up, come and find me in one of the board rooms or talk to me at activities.

Commissioner educational affairs: Xiamei Klancnik

Xiamei Klancnik

Hello dearest Sigmanes,

My name is Xiamei Klancnik, I am nineteen years young and currently a third year chemistry student. I am very proud to tell you that I will fulfill the role of Commissioner of Educational Affairs from the 41st board of V.C.M.W. Sigma. This year I'll be dealing with your oversized labcoats and ensuring you get hold of your diplomas. Also, I'm active within the StudyCie, where I organize lunch lectures and excursions. I make less than presentable pictures on activities for the FotoCie of our brother association S.V. Leonardo da Vinci. 

I started my life in the absolutely spectacular place named Heerlen but luckily, I moved to Maastricht eventually. After that, I moved to Nijmegen to attempt to study Chemistry and have come to love Sigma and Nijmegen.

Some interesting and not so interesting facts about me: I like to put tabasco in everything I eat or drink and like thermodynamics, Taylor expansions and memes about thermodynamics and Taylor expansions. My hobbies include painting, being mediocre at chess and my favorite place to be is the TKB. 

If you don't mind getting to know me better, don't hesitate to talk to me! I'll be around at activities to make sure we all have a good time and an amazing year!

Commissioner external affairs: Stan Franssen

Stan Franssen

Hello Sigmans

Let me try to introduce myself in this small piece of writing. My name is Stan Franssen and while writing this I am twenty years old, now hopefully I can add a year to this the day after our constitutionborre.l This year I will be in my third year of the study MLS and I will be the Commissioner External Affairs of the 41st board of V.C.M.W. Sigma. This may sound a bit vague but it means that I will be responsible for organizing the sponsorship of our association. Luckily I am no longer alone and have the acquisition committee to help me. If you're interested in these kind of things you can always join us. Besides sponsorship I will also manage parts of the website and also the formal parts of our social media. Next to being a board member, I am also active within the association, I am for example the G-mi quote master (so be careful with your choice of words when you're near me) and I am a member of the Symposium Committee.

Then about me in short: Since a few months I live in Nijmegen, but I am originally from Reuver, which is a small village in northern Limburg between the river “Maas” and the German border. Besides my study I love a great party or activity from time to time, so you will hopefully see me a lot at those this year. I am also a great fan of air rifles and a good book.

Since I am also always in for a good talk you are always welcome to stop by if you have any questions.

Commissioner internal affairs: Eva Harsevoort

Eva Harsevoort

Hello dear Sigmanes,

My name is Eva and I was born in Zwolle, where I lived my whole life before moving to the beautiful city of Nijmegen to study chemistry. After one year of focusing on my studies, I knew something was missing, and I joined the Lustrum Committee, the Acquisition Committee, Bacchus, the Alumni Committee and the Introduction Committee (I’m still active in the last three). Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day and I was very disappointed to find out I could not join all the committees. Then the perfect solution to be involved with every committee presented itself: Commissioner Internal Affairs! So next year, I will totally be in my element, working with the committees.

When I’m not at the uni, I like to relax with my friends and roommates, go for a spinning class or watch an episode of Game of Thrones. If you ever want to know more about me, or to chat or hang out, come find me in the south canteen or the board rooms! I’m also the confidant of Sigma this year, so if you ever want to talk about more serious topics, you are more than welcome.

Commissioner activities: Dries Kleuskens

Dries Kleuskens

Hey everyone,

I am Dries Kleuskens, a third year chemistry student and at the moment I am twenty years old. I’m the Commissioner Activities of the 41st board of V.C.M.W. Sigma. As Commissioner Activities I will organise the board activities and make sure all activities are promoted the right way. Besides being in the board, I am also treasurer of the fantastic party committee: ParTNT!

I grew up in Baarlo, which is a beautiful village in Limburg. A lot of people say that I’m a German, but I live a 10 minute drive away from the German border. I played football for fifteen years there and now I have to stop practising my favorite hobby. I have lived in Nijmegen for about the last two years and I really enjoy it. Next to my study I like to party and also do a bit of sports at the Radboud Sports Centre.

Now I have talked enough about me I think, but come talk to me at activities if you want know more about me.. I hope this year will be legendary!