Contact us

You can contact Sigma as follows:

Visiting address:

Room HG00.150
Heyendaalseweg 135 
6525 AJ Nijmegen

E-mail address:

Postal adres:Postbus 9010
6500 GL Nijmegen
Address for parcels:Toernooiveld 8
6525 ED Nijmegen

The Board is always present at the visiting address during the office hours (12:15-13:15 hours) on tuesday and thursday, and the Board is always present at tuesday during the DiMiBo (16:00-21:00) in the south cantina.



From Nijmegen Central Station, bus services run to the Nijmegen, Huygensgebouw stop. During rush hours, a number of these buses depart from a different bus stop. This special bus stop is located in front of Nijmegen Central Station.

Bus 10Destination Universiteit/HAN
Bus 11Destination Beuningen Aalsterveld via Station Dukenburg
Bus 12Destination Druten via Brabantse Poort
Bus 13Destination Wijchen via Noord
Bus 14Destination Nijmegen Brakkenstein via Elst West
Bus 15Destination Wijchen via Nijmegen, Hunnerpark
Bus 25Destination Groesbeek, Zuidmolen
Bus 300Heyendaalshuttle

Refer to this page for bus departure times from the Huygens building.  

For travellers on Arriva's Maas line it is quicker to get off at the Nijmegen Heyendaal station. All bus services mentioned above pass the Heyendaal Station. The Huygens building is within easy walking distance of the Heyendaal Station, so simply walking can often be quicker. Follow the route as indicated on the map below.


For traffic coming from Arnhem (A325/A15), follow city route 100 and then city route 106 as indicated below. Parking is available under the Huygens building. 

From 's-Hertogenbosch (A326/A50) follow city route 103 and continue as indicated below. 

From Venlo, exit the A73 highway at junction 3 Malden and follow the N271 road. Continue on the N844. Alternatively, leave the A73 at exit 2 Nijmegen-Dukenburg and follow city route 104 and 105 as indicated below