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Eelco Ebbers and Frank Leemhuis both obtained their Ph.D.’s in Chemistry from the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. In response to numerous inquiries from the business world, they wrote a business plan and, with their own financial means combined with a loan, they founded the company Mercachem in 1997. Mercachem offers chemical services to life sciences firms around the world and has since outgrown its university settings.

Mercachem is one of the largest chemistry CROs in Europe. With more than 100 highly trained and dedicated chemists, Mercachem provides a range of services to mainly support small molecule drug discovery and development projects for biopharmaceutical companies in the USA, Europe and Japan. The company provides services in the area of exclusive synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and process research. Mercachem also works for the agro- and food business and new materials science.

Library for potential medicines
Mercachem continues to have close links with the Radboud University. Since May 2013 both are partners in the European Lead Factory project (in Dutch), worth a total of 196 million euros. The project aims to create a large library of chemical compounds that could potentially be used in medicine. The participating academic groups, including the Radboud University, develop and supply the basic components, called scaffolds. Small and medium-sized companies such as Mercachem couple these basic components with a variety of functional compounds – parts of molecules with which you can modulate biological functions.

Winning prizes
Since its inception in 1997, Mercachem has enjoyed broad, rapid and positive development. In almost 20 years it has grown to a company with an annual turnover of more than € 17 million, employing more than 150 people. As a result, in 2007 it won the first Mercator Award for spin-off companies originating from the Radboud University’s Heyendaal campus. What’s more, Mercachem has won the Deloitte Best Managed Company (in Dutch) four years in a row since 2013, because of its outstanding quality, innovation strategy and the results achieved.


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