Werewolves Vol.3


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29 Nov 2021 16:00 - 10 Dec 2021 11:00

Werewolves Vol.3

Hello Sigmates,

It´s nearly one year ago when brave villagers could fend off the werewolves threatening the Sigma village. But now there are back!!
Join the A-team real-time werewolves game on the 29th of November in its even greater second edition. The only thing you need is your phone and WhatsApp, so no excuses not to come. But be prepared: it is either killing or being killed.
Join before the 27th of November!

This year we are gonna make groups with different skill levels again. We will try to make it as fair as possible but the teams are always dependent on the size of the Teams so some will maybe end up in different groups.

If you played before you already understand why we will make this split. In the advanced game, there will be an extensive amount of chat reading needed, this game will have more roles and more roleplaying.

So only subscribe to the advanced group if you have the time or already experienced the game previously. 



The game has two-time phases the Day, and the night.   

The werewolves kill and eat a villager at night. To do that, the Werewolves vote which victim to eat in the night in a separate chatroom (a decision with a majority, if the count is even the kill is skipped, and no one dies).

The whole village can then vote to execute a person during the day (a decision with a majority, if the count is even, the kill is skipped, and no one dies).

Through special abilities and communication during the day, the villagers can also learn who to execute.

VERY IMPORTANT: get familiar with all of the roles

Especially first-time players: be careful everything said in the chat can be a lie, so choose wisely who you can trust.

The storyteller will give you options at the start of every phase and what you want to do, so don’t worry if you are a bit clueless at the beginning.


This is a real-time game. This means that presumably, this game will go on for over a week. For that, we have times set up:


11:00 The storyteller announces the person(s) that is/are killed during the night

10:00-18:00 is discussion and voting time the chat is open

19:00 announcement, who is voted out

Until 22:00 werewolf discussion and voting of werewolves, immediate night roles (e.g., flute player) decide their action

22:00-11:00 Defensive (e.g., leprechaun) or healing (e.g., witch potion) roles choose their action


The main chat will be only available to write in between 10:00 and 19:00

The werewolves chat will only be available to write between 19:00 and 10:00, but voting has to be done until 22:00.

The couple chat is open between 19:00 and 10:00 as well.


IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO TALK OR UNCOVER YOUR OR ANOTHER ROLE BEFORE THE FIRST NIGHT STARTS so please no “I am a witch” or “I am detective” or something like that in the main chat on day one.


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