WeCantCamp: SPOOKtoberfest

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We Can't Camp
We can't camp
29 Sep - 1 Oct 2023
De Wildwal, Lunteren

WeCantCamp: SPOOKtoberfest

Guten Tag, meine Sigmates,


Every year a group of Sigmates travels out for a weekend full of fun activities and bonding with the new Sigmates and the (very) old Sigmates. But this year, something terrible has happened...


It all started of when the (old) south canteen had to move away from wing 1. The ghost of Harkules was to say it mildly, very pissed about this. He could not shout VoorraadCie at 16:00 to start harking like he always did. He swore to take revenge on the first person he saw in the new canteens. When he finally walked into the new south canteen, this was of course a Sigmate sitting on the couches (bonus points if you guess who). But blinded by rage, the ghost Harkules cursed the first thing he was thinking of, which of course was harking. He cursed the first big harking festival in September, which was the German Oktoberfest.


By chance, this was exactly the theme WeCantCamp thought of. so now we have to deal with a lot of annoying ghosts when we go to Lunteren on September 29th - October 1st. They will try to scare you away from the Oktoberfest. But there is away to lift the curse and defeat the haunting creatures. How this can be done, is still a mystery, but Harkules promised to tell us how we can quench his anger and lift the curse (he may be angry, but he is still just). We do know that the neccesary monetary compensation will be around 40 euros. More info will follow soon then, but be ready to sign up at 20:00 on September 5th.


Tschüss and lots of spooky love,




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