The good, the bad, and the RAGcChus Borrel

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Date and time
May 18, 2022 16:00 - 21:00

The good, the bad, and the RAGcChus Borrel

Dear Sigmates,


Imagine this: After a long argues day of classes, you stuble into the Gigabite looking for a drink and maybe some relaxation by betting on RAGweek auction. The saloon doors slowely creek open, music stops and everyone looks at you. Except for one. You immediately recognise him as Arjen the head of Bacchus, a dangerous group of bandids domination the south. He got that position by out adting all of his fellow Bacchae. Knowing that him being there deminishes your changes of winning the amazing prices you challenge him to a duel.

"This town aint big enough for the two of us," you say.


Both of you ready your glasses of beer, someone counts down: "Three, Two, One..."


A shot rings out. Arjen falls to the ground. You look up to see the sherif blowing a whisp of smoke from his waterpistol. "Aye, thanks for keeping him distracted, he was on top of my most wanted list." He takes Arjen's beer and walks off.


Maybe you can also hunt Sigma's most wanted at the next RAGweek auction? Join us on the 18th of May at 16:00 in the Gigabite! Don't forget to bring your own waterpistol.




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