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Mar 8, 2018
Utrecht University


This year, the annual PAC-symposium will be held! It will take place at the 8th of March at the University of Utrecht. Will you be there?

The day will include various lectures given by scientists from the participating universities, but we will also welcome Prof. Dr. Douglas Stephan from the University of Toronto and Prof. Dr. Antony Davis from the University of Bristol. Furthermore, chemists from industry will give a talk and also the annual poster competition organised by Young KNCV for Bachelor and Master students will be held. The day will be concluded with drinks and dinner.

Enthusiastic? You can register via this link:

Joining the poster competition? You can register via this link:

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If you join this event, then the board can arrange cheaper train tickets for those that have weekend OV. So in your dicription write down if you have week OV or weekend OV.  You can fill out a debit mandate for the train tickets during the cassier service at 01-03-18 and 06-03-18. The entrance fee for the symposium can by paid at the symposium. 


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