Integracee-Board Cook along


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Apr 10, 2021 18:00 - 22:00

Integracee-Board Cook along

The Integracee and the Board invite you all to, join us this Saturday at 6:00 pm for the Integracee and board cook-along!

We will share with you 3 wonderful international recipes from Germany, Turkey, and Romania. Chose the most interesting dish for you and cook it together with us on Discord.


We are will cook 

Spätzle from Germany (2 Servings):

300 g  all-purpose flour
175 g  Emmentaler
⅛ tsp  nutmeg
2  onions


Sigara Böreği from turkey (20pcs.):

1 Pk . Üçgen Yufka (triangular, sheets)

200-300g crumbled Feta cheese

1 bunch of smooth parsley

vegetable oil for frying


Sarmale from Romania (4 Servings):

1 cabbage 

1 white onion 

1 carrot 

60g rice 

60g tomato paste

60g granulated gluten or soy crumbles 

30g walnuts 

25g tomato sauce 

1 bay leave 

soy sauce 


(for all recipes we need basics like salt,pepper and water as well as basic kitchen utensils)


We will produce videos of the dishes beforehand and you will be able to access them here.







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