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Apr 9, 2021 19:00 - 21:00

Gupta Music Bingo with Desda

Dear Sigmates, 

On friday April 9th 19:00, it's time for the Musicbingo with Desda, the studyassociation for mathematics! The bingo is sponsored by Gupta, they will say a few things about what they do, after which there'll be a special musicbingo! This bingo is a mix between the familiar bingo and a music quiz! Live from youtube you'll see us turn the bingowheel, while you, together with your team, traverse the voice-channels of a discord-server.

For each chosen number you'll hear a song, with a question. On top of this, you'll be playing against another team from Sigma and/or Desda! The team that first manages to correctly answer the question may cross the number from their bingocard. But there is a twist, you also know the bingocards from the other team. So if a number not matter to you, but is it on the other teams bingocard? Answer the question quicker, stop them in their tracks and take away all the chance they had on that oh so precious Bingo! ;)

We hope to see you there,

Love the board


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