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8 Apr 2023 16:00 - 12 Apr 2023 16:00

Exchange Hosts

Dearest Sigmates,

On the 8th of April the Swiss will come to visit us in our beautiful little city, but we can't let them sleep on the street! As fun as it sounds, my little Vossenveld room is not enough to house 25 people so we need your help! By becoming a host you can join all the fun activities we have planned like karaoke, a city tour and a company visit. None of the activities are mandatory but of course the more activities you attend the nicer it is for you and the person you're hosting. Fortunately that's only a good thing as the five days are packed full of very fun activities. On top of that you also get the opportunity to bond with a student in the same field from a completely different country. You even get priority to go to Switzerland next year, so if too many people sign up you are very likely to get a spot.

All we ask from you in return is that you provide your student with sleeping place and breakfast (we will give you some budget). At the opening borrel you can speeddate with the Swiss students so everyone can make sure the right student is matched up with the right host. All that's left to do is sign up!

We hope you'll join us during the week!


The Exchange Committee


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