Bacchus Benidorm Bastards Beer Bingo Borrel

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Date and time
Nov 23, 2023 16:00 - 21:00
North canteen

Bacchus Benidorm Bastards Beer Bingo Borrel

Dearest yougsters,

You might recognise it from your 👵🏻grandparents👴🏻 or alcoholics that they like to play the one and only famous game, 🎱Bingo. As Bacchus, scale us with the alcoholics, we even won a deep-frying pan🍟 once, called Freek. 
We always enjoy the beer bingo evening at TKB🍻🍻, and we would like to pass on that joy to guys. Which we are doing via the annually BEER BINGO BORREL🤪🤪. 
Sadly enough, Bacchae are also human, and we age as well, so we are sliding from alcoholics🍾 to grandparents. Being all wantonly, alcoholic, and grandparently we see some resemblances between us and the Benidorm Bastards🦽, so this year’s Beer Bingo Borrel will be themed as the Bacchus Benidorm Bastards Beer Bingo Borrel💃🏼🕺🏻. 
I can hear you all thinking: “were will this lovely borrel be, and what prizes can we win?”. Well, we may be old, but we just thought of that, we invite you all to come to the north canteen🥴 on the 23rd of November to play a little game of bingo with us. 
Participation will be via buying 🍷refreshments🍺 at the bar and maybe you will win one of the very beloved prizes!!

We hope to see you all!
With love,
Bacchus ❤

You can order food via this link:


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