Dinner DiMiBo


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Date and time
Jan 21, 2020 17:00 - 20:00
South Canteen

Dinner DiMiBo

Dear Sigmates,

Since I am rather lazy and still have to study for my exams, I copied last exam weeks Dinner DiMiBo promotion for you.
However, of course I managed to slap a nice poster together since that is what I love doing most.

The exams are coming up! Because you'll be too busy panicking to cook the Board decided to be so kind to cook diner for you during the first exam week (show some love in the comments <3). This way you can roll out of the LOS directly into a borrel to relax for a moment with evenly stressed friends and a nice plate of food. This will only be 2,50 as usual! But after this of course back to work (or maybe one more SOG (Study Avoiding Behavior) beer).

Subscribe and see you there!

With love, the Board


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