Program 2018

Chemistry, Science and Molecular Life Sciences Orientation Programme  2018

Monday August 20st
08:30 Gather your group In front of Linneaus
08:45-11:15 Welcome by the education centre, Assocaitions presentation LIN 2
11:15-12:00 Registration student associations and Lunch North street, HG00.068 and HG00.075
12:00-12:15 Welcome by the Dean LIN 2
12:15-13:00 Lunch Pendelum 
13:30-16:00 Fox hunt City centre Nijmegen
15:00-18:00 Launch market Brakkenstein park

 Dinner with mentorgroup
21:00 Pub crawl Plein 44'
23:00 ParTNT presents: Let's go the beach NEXT LEVEL, Smetiusstraat 9
Tuesday Augustus 21nd
10:30 Gather your group Radboud Sport Centre
11:00 -16:30 Sportsday

 Radboud Sports Centre

12:30 Sportday Lunch Mainhaal RSC
18:00-21:00 Dinner by Introcie URD
 22:00 Pitcherparty Piecken
Wednesday August 22rd
9:45 Gather internationals Huygens
10:00-10:45 Ordering books, registration study programme,
 Lab coat fitting internationals
 South street, HG00.023, HG00.029
11:00-13:00 Lecture international office
10:30 Gather the rest of the group
10:45-13:00 Ordering books, registration studyprogramme, Lab coat fitting South street, HG00.023, HG00.029
13:00-14:00 Lunch Around Huygens
15:00-17:30 Exploring the campus Campus
18:00 Dinner and activities by study associations
Thursday August 23th
9:15 Gather your group Huygens
09:30-12:30 Creative at the faculty Huygensbuiding
12:30-13:15 LunchNorth street
13:00-17:30 PhotoquestNijmegen

 Dinner with mentorgroup
21:30 BeestfeestDoornroosje
Friday August 24th
10:00-13:00Hangover hangout Brakkenstein park
Afternoon Departure weekend Festival Driehuizenweg
Sunday August 26th
Afternoon Return weekend Festival
18:00 Barbecue Scouting traianus
23:00 Closing party  Billabong
6:45 Sunrise KKP