The week of Menno (Treasurer)

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The week of Menno (Treasurer)


Usually, every week starts on Monday. However, I wanted to include the weekend before as well in my story. On Saturday, I was an assistant at the Parentsday. I arrived at the uni around 10.30, and together with Reon and Anne I made some final preparations for the Redox practical. Then I spent the better part of the next 5 hours turning 5 cent coins into gold. It was a lot of fun, and I think all the first years enjoyed it. Afterwards, I had went to a nice restaurant with my parents and my sister, because my birthday was last week. This was also really nice, especially since I hadn’t seen my sister in a couple of weeks.


I woke up around 11, had some breakfast and then headed to Lent. There is a sportshall there, the Triangel, where I my next appointment: the Super Sunday from Ha-Stu, the student handball association of which I’m a member. All the teams played at home, and I was there the entire afternoon. Sadly I lost my match, but nevertheless it was nice. A special thanks to Mathilde and Eva for the support. When all the matches were finished I hurried to my parent’s place, because tonight, the 41st board came to meet my parents and have dinner together. This was the first time we did this, and because my parents live in Nijmegen, it was convenient to start here. My mom made some nice quiches, and it was a fun evening all together.


Now the ‘real’ week starts. Mine started with a board meeting at 8.30. We switched from having a meeting once every 2 weeks in the evening to having 1 meeting every week during the day. Unfortunately, the only available time was Monday morning :(. Afterwards, I went to the boardrooms and updated my bookkeeping, because I had an audit committee meeting on Wednesday, so everything had to be pitch perfect by then. During the break I went to the Intro information meeting, and it went quite well. Then I went to the board rooms again, and read the minutes of the Change General Meeting, which was 31(!) pages long. Everyone always read the minutes once Thyrza has worked them out, both to remember again what was said, but also just to correct spelling mistakes and that sort of stuff. In the evening I had a Photon meeting. We had dinner first, then divided the upcoming activities, who took photo’s where etc. Then we designed the next poster, Valentine’s day themed this time.


I woke up early, because I had a lot of things to do. First I made dinner for tonight and tomorrow. I would spend the whole day and evening on the uni, and I didn’t want to order fast food three times a week. Then I went to the uni and started working on my to do list. First I helped Stan with trying to set up our own email server, so that all email addresses of sigma end with We made a lot of progress, but in the end we had to wait for our account to be activated before we could start. I then started working on the financial interim report. In between I did a kasdienst with Stan and bought a gala ticket, and then suddenly it was 4 o’clock, and time for the dimibo. I went down to the canteens, and chilled with the rest of the board and the members that were there. It was quite busy this time, which was nice. I left around 7, because I had an A-team meeting. We discussed the previous activities, and made plans for the next ones.


I had my first lecture of the week, which was pretty interesting. Afterwards I helped Stan sell Chemnotes, notebooks with which you can easily draw chemical reactions (#shamelesspromo). Then I went to the computer practical of my course, which took me until around 4 o’clock. In the break I had an introcie meeting. We discussed the information meeting, and we looked at the programme for next year. When I was finished with my computer practical, I went to the board rooms to finish the financial interim report. The audit committee meeting I mentioned earlier was moved to next week because only Thomas could be there sadly. I used this gap in my schedule to finish the interim report. It took longer than expected due to some errors I made, which was really frustrating and tiring.


My day started early again, as I had lectures all day. The course I follow on Thursday and Friday is called Structure Function and Bioinformatics, and takes place completely in the RIMLS (the big blue and grey building across the street). This is the only place YASARA seems to work completely fine. I spent the entire morning behind a computer looking at protein structures and amino acid sequences. In the break I had yet another meeting. This one was about the Supervisory board of stock part of Olympus. During Carnival, there will be some structural changes within Olympus, and for this they needed a group of people to supervise this. These people needed to have some experience with bookkeeping, so I was the chosen one for Sigma. After the break I went back to the RIMLS and did a lot of bioinformatics again. I left there at 4.15 meet my sister and go to the Bacchus borrel together. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of people were surprised how much we looked alike. Sadly she couldn’t stay for long, as she was going to have dinner with Grandma in the evening. After the borrel I went to a friend’s place, and then we went to the Beestfeest together.


With only about 4 hours of sleep, I went to the RIMLS and did some bioinformatics exercises, but that wasn’t very interesting. In the break I had an appointment with Rozemarijn to check the A-Team finances. This took us around 10 minutes, as it wasn’t very hard. The rest of my time I used to check my email (you’d be surprised how much time this take when you’re a board member). I headed back to the RIMLS at 13.45, but I wasn’t very productive, as I was pretty burnt out and hung-over from the rest of the week. We finished around 16.30, after which I headed to the board rooms, where I uploaded the pictures of the borrel to the website. Then I headed to my handball practice, after which my week came to an end.

If you think: ‘Jesus Christ what a busy week’, that’s about what I thought. The life of a board member is pretty busy, but this was I think my busiest week so far. If you’re not scared by this, or you even became interested in becoming a board member, please come to the EXACT lunch lecture Monday 26th of February and/or the board interest DiMiBo the day after on the 27th. You can also always ask any question you have about this to me or one of the other board members on other activities, or send an email to

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