The week of Eva (Commissioner Internal Affairs)

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The week of Eva



My Monday started early, because in a fit of madness we decided to plan the board meeting on Monday morning at half past 8 :(. I was a bit late because of some bike problems but my morning temper disappeared when I got a coffee from Dries! After the board meeting I met up with my group for the Chemistry in Society course to prepare our presentation. In the break I had a Committee Chair Council (CCC) meeting. The CCC takes place every other week, where Sigma’s committee chairs discuss topics and where I can ask them questions about what their committees are doing. The CCC is the main part of being Commissioner Internal Affairs. After the break I had a MicTech lecture and computer tutorial. Then it was time for the Leo dinner, as they are having their lustrum this week! I had a lot of fun at Van Buren, but went home early to prepare for the tutorial Reactions and Kinetics of the next day.


On Tuesdays I give the R&K tutorial together with Mathilde and Aman, which is a lot of fun. After this I went to the boardrooms to send some emails and finish the Committee Overview, which I make every other week, for my fellow board members to read before the board meetings, because this saves a lot of time. In the break I had an evaluation meeting with Sabine, the chair of We Can’t Camp. The Commissioner Internal Affairs has these meetings with every chair half way in the year. After taking a little break I went to my MicTech tutorials. Even though being in the board occasionally makes you miss a lecture, I try to go to everything to keep up. At the DiMiBo I chilled with everybody and did some to-do’s.



In the morning Menno and I had a workshop to refresh our BHV (emergency response) knowledge. In the afternoon I had a lecture and joined the LaTeX workshop from the StudyCee. After that I caught up on some emails and to-dos and ate with my friends. In the evening I did a Steps tickethour at the sport center and watched some TV.



In the morning I went to the chairs meeting of Olympus as vice Chair, because Yiri had another appointment. We discussed the new canteen regulations documents that they will present on their GM. After that I went to the boardrooms and I together with Dries I asked some lecturers if they can help us with driving groups of Sigmans during the Dropping. In the break I had office hour (kasdienst) with Yiri and we sold some gala tickets and some people came by to sign their ONCS debit mandates. I went to the basement (the storage room) with Anna to check if we had decorations for the gala. Then I studied for a while and went to Menno for his birthday party! It was a lot of fun but I skipped going to the pitcher party because of the presentation the next day.



On Friday morning I started my day with an hour of spinning at the sport centre. After that I had my presentation which went well, and to celebrate the weekend I went shopping and chilled with my friends in the city centre. In the evening I went to a party with my friends, roommates and my brother in Doornroosje, which was a lot of fun!


I slept in and did almost nothing because I was brak (hungover). :)



In the afternoon I prepared for Reactions and Kinetics and in the evening I went to Utrecht to eat with my friends from high school. As you can see, my week was busy at times, but there is always room to hang out! Even in your board year ;)


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