The week of Dries (Commissioner Activities)

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The week of Dries

My week started with sleeping in of the Carnival. I slept till 11, then I went to Venlo to watch the procession and drank a lot of beer, at 11 o’clock in the evening I was at home. It was a lot.

On Tuesday I had board meeting at 1pm. I took the train at 9 o’clock because then I avoided the smelly train of the Kuukse Elfkroegentocht which started at 11:11. For the people who don’t celebrate carnival, 11 is the number of carnival, it’s the crazy number. Then I was at the University at 10 o’clock and I watched some series that i missed during the weekend. After that I caught up on my board stuff and went home to eat soup. I chilled at the TV and went to sleep at 22:15.

I went to my lecture of Synthesis of biomolecules, yeah really, and not only one, I went to two lectures. Then I fixed all my promotion stuff which I didn’t do during the exams/Carnival and after that I ate hamburgers with Tom and Gijs. Then we went to Olympus presents: Battle of the Beta’s and we won second price, just below the VooraadCie team.

On Thursday I looked into the year planning with Eva to confirm the date of some activities. Further I made some Facebook events and made a new activity calendar, which you can enjoy from next week when the Valentinesposter from the G-mi has been removed. I made ‘t Maantje too, this is the newsletter which you receive every Sunday night. I went to my mom in the evening to celebrate the weekend.

But…. It was not weekend. On Friday I had to go to the dental surgeon to remove two wisdom teeth. It was not that painful, but I was not feeling very well that day so I took some Ibuprofen. I ate a bit of soup because other things were too hard for my teeth. I watched some TV in the evening and went to bed early.

I had a nice sleep, and the pain was gone. I watched the Olympics in the morning, after that I went to my dad and chilled out with him, my brother and my sister. In the evening I did nothing and it was a long time ago that my brother and sister also had nothing, so we stayed home and watched TV.

I had a good sleep and a nice breakfast. After that I made the final version of ‘t Maantje and send it to Eva to check it. Then I went to watch the soccer game of my brother, it is the team that I played in until I stopped. On such moments you miss it… When I came home I watched the game of Feyenoord and some darts matches. Then I ate fries with my father and watched some series. I went to bed early because we had board meeting at 8.30 on Monday so I had to get up at 6:15.


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