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After a long week of a dinner DiMiBo, a constitution drink and a Beestfeest, a couple of diehard Sigmans decided that they still hadn’t had enough fun (and alcohol) and went along to the Sigma Weekendcamp. The We Can’t Camp committee had put a lot of time and effort in organizing another awesome camp, but of course they still had a reputation to keep ‘up’.

Somewhat later than expected, we arrived at a beautiful location which even had a swimming pool (!!!) But of course, we were not only there to admire the location, we were also there for the games. The overall theme of these games was “We All Do Business”, where ‘We All Do’ should be pronounced as ‘Waldo’. Every team (the Pirates, the Tough Guys / Daltons, the Mexicans, Team Rocket and the Hackers) had an inside Waldo which had to be identified before the end of this weekend. The Waldo’s job was to sabotage the games, so their teams would get as little points as possible.

We started the evening with an introduction game. After this, it was time for some more serious business. We went deep into the dark forests to smuggle some drugs. During the whole game, robbers were active which could steal your drugs by tagging a member of your team. The ultimate goal was to make as much profit as possible, as WALDO’s of course don’t want to make any profit this was an excellent way to single out some of our leaks.

After a very short night, we made a fresh start Saturday morning with different outdoors games, like playing alternative dodgeball with 4 teams attacking one team in the middle, “suck a ball” and singing and dancing in which you get pulled out of the circle and then go and share your fate with a new victim until everyone is in. Some people made an extra fresh start with some ‘distance milk’ (drinking milk, but from a distance). A picture is included for clarification.

In the afternoon we had to spot Waldo posters which were spread over the location. Of course this was not challenging enough, so we had to do some additional games like balancing a can of Coke on its edge, blowing away some empty cups with a balloon containing just one breath or transferring a Ping-Pong ball into a cup with help of (only) a tapeline. We also had time to enjoy ourselves in the swimming pool or just in the central room and to prepare some masterpieces of work for the Comedy Night (‘Bonte Avond’). The Pirates, the Hackers and the Tough Guys / Daltons all made a beautiful movie, Team Rocket wrote a wonderful song and the Mexicans had an outstanding play. The night was finished with some karaoke and some (more) beers.

On Sunday, after a breakfast with some ‘turnover-bitches’ (wentelteefjes in Dutch), it was time for the big end game to unmask all the Waldo’s. Every team got the chance to eliminate some options beforehand by playing a game of ‘Guess who?’. The more points you earned during the weekend, the more questions you got to ask and thus the more people you could eliminate as a potential Waldo.

The end game was a variant alive Werewolves. Everyone got one point for their team when a Waldo was eliminated in their village, if it was your own Waldo you got two points.  In the end, the Pirates got the most points and won the overall camp. This was the end of the camp and everyone was now free to go wherever they wanted, catch some sleep, sober up and contemplate their life changing weekend camp experience.


Sabine Langens

Chair of We Can’t Camp

(disclaimer: This article is based on report from the weekendcamp in the G-mi, therefore my committee and me, are not responsible for any left over inconsistincies in the text.) 

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