Flashback to: SoS Prague

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On Thursday the 9th of November at midnight, a group of 50 courageous Sigmanes gathered to embark on a new adventure to Prague! We boarded the bus, ready to ‘party’ our way through the next 11 hours. Of course, with some beers in our hands, music on and the presence of our fellow adventurers, this was no problem for us. When we arrived in Prague, the first real challenge came up: the bus could not get into the city centre and thus we could not be dropped off at the hostel. But there was no need to panic, because with a quick change of plans we were on our way to the university with our luggage in hand, in the subway. How is that for going downtown?! In the university, we got to hear some interesting stories about the university, Prague, the students and some researches. After that, we were shown around the labs, which I personally thought was very interesting, especially the difference in safety regulations and how to obey them was very interesting. When we got back to the hostel, which was in the middle of the city centre, we made groups for rooms. We were allowed some free time to stall our luggage and to go around town and see what was there. We met again later that evening to go out for dinner in an Italian restaurant. This delicious food gave us the energy that was needed for the rest of the night: PARTY! Of course, we started off with a great pub crawl, organised by the SoS-committee, with some very nice pubs. Finally we all arrived safely at Europe’s largest night club, ready to party Prague-style! The club was cool, as it had about 5 flours with all different types of music, so honestly, I think everyone could enjoy themselves here. The next morning, of course all fresh and awake, we were ready for the next part of the programme: the city tour. I really liked the effort that the committee had put in to make a nice tour for each group and a cool background story to guide us through the different places of interest. Prague is a beautiful city, so there was no shortage in things to see. There was a photo quest as well, to stimulate our creative brains and fantasy. We ended up at the castle with all the groups and went bravely through the security to enter the castle grounds. There was also a beautiful church. Then again, after all the walking in the beautiful but cold city, we were awarded with lots of free time, basically all evening. The restaurant had cancelled our booking, but we easily solved this by splitting up in groups to enjoy a great Czech meal (or whatever you liked). After their kind invitation, I joined some people for a beer in a café and later as well for dinner. I had a great time and the food and beer were good and not expensive at all, which is always a good thing. My group and I went back to the hostel to change and play some card games. Eventually we decided to go to one of the pubs that we came across the previous day during the pub crawl, were we had a great night! The next morning we, slightly less fresh and awake this time, had to wake up in time to check out of the hostel and then we had about two hours to fulfil our last dreams and wishes in Prague, before boarding the bus again. Even this last, and maybe hardest challenge of all, was faced by the brave Sigmanes, although it was notably much quieter on our way back… I had a great time and little sleep, and I loved this “Praagtige” city, and I would sure recommend to anyone to Czech it out! I can’t wait until the next SoS adventure!

- Laurie Novak


At the Prague University

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