Flashback to: Diner Rouler & ParTNT presents: Oktoberfest

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By Paula Teeuwen

Thursday the 21st of September the first A-team activity of this year was held: The Diner Rouler. This year’s theme was Oktoberfest (even though it was September, but yeah why not: Beer right?). To end the night properly, ParTNT organized a Oktober fest at Riley’s.

We started at 17.30 at the Pendulum of the Huygens. A few courageous Sigmans even dressed up in proper stereotypical German costumes. After the groups were made we all went by bike to our first destination: the entrée. The main course and the dessert were all again at different places.

The cooks did a splendid job preparing the meals. Some even tried preparing dishes in German style, which of course meant Bradwurst und Sauerkraut. This year the lecturers Joost Bakker, Jos Oomens, Dennis Löwik and Kim Bonger helped our cooks. I went with a group of five Sigmans from Hoogeveldt (with very tasty “frikandellebroodjes”) all the way to Hatert (Minion Macaroni à la Nasí). We ended our dinner at Dennis Löwik’s, where we had a delicious chocolate cake with ice and a fitting dessert wine (and of course German beer).

After doing the dishes, we went straight to Riley’s for ParTNT’s Oktoberfest. The participants of Olympus’ Beer Garten and other Sigmans joined us in this German themed party. For only €2 you could get your very own Sigma Beer pull (0.5 L). This collector’s item could be refilled with beer for only €4.

This evening was an excellent way for the new first years’ to meet fellow (senior-)sigmans and to become familiar with the awesome activities Sigma organizes. The pictures for both activities can be found on the site. All things considered, it was an amazing night. I am looking forward to the next Sigma - activity!

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