Flashback to: Creative Workshop

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By Paula Koenders

At Tuesday the 9th of January the first Sigma activity of 2018 took place: the creative workshop! With a small group of six people we gathered at the Huygensbuilding and cycled to the workshop together. The place was quite a ride away; so when we finally arrived we’d had our exercise for the day and were warmed up for the hours of painting to come. Luckily for us, the artist who gave the workshop already had hot tea and coffee together with accompanying cookies and sweets ready for us. Of course, we devoured it all during the evening. Our cups were also constantly refilled, so we were taken good care of.

To start our artistic evening off the right way, we could get inspiration out of several magazines, postcards, photos and drawings that were laid out for us. Some of us already knew what they wanted to paint while most had no idea. Eventually everyone had something in mind and we started our sketches. The artist gave us directions and tips to create a good sketch; for example to use chalk to lay down a base of outlines. When the sketch was satisfactory you could get paint in your preferred colours and start with the first steps of the painting itself. Again, the artist gave you directions: on what colours to use (depending on your theme), where to start (the background) and how to apply the paint (the trick was to start with watered-down paint and then apply a thicker layer over it). Everyone worked at their own pace until we were all happily painting, with concentration as if it were an exam.

Whenever someone was ready to work on a new subject the artist was there to guide you through. Depending on the skill-level and the painting in particular she gave personal directions, and sometimes she explained things that were relevant for the whole group.

At about ten o’clock everyone started finishing their artworks; details were added, last touches were brought to the canvas and the hairdryer worked it’s hardest to dry all of the layers of paint. Eventually, everyone was finished. To round off our hard work, the artworks were photographed and we took a group picture, to show off our skills. Exhausted from the painting, but also very contempt and satisfied, we packed our backs are started our journey back to Nijmegen.

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