From left to right: Jelle, Roel, Gereon, Sabine, Thijs, Carlo, Koen, Reon en Jesse

Contact: weekendcamp@science.ru.nl

We can't camp

Thijs de Jong (2015) Secretary
Sabine Langens (2015) Chair
Jelle Siemes (2013) Treasurer
Koen Verstegen (2013) Head of Promotion
Carlo Vossen (2013) -
Jesse Claessen (2015) -
Reon Baars (2015) -
Roel van de Ven (2015) -
Julian van Reede (2017) -
Teun van Wieringen (2017) -

The weekendcampcommittee organises, as the name implies, an annual weekendcamp. This camp takes places somewhere around October in a carefully planned weekend. Each year there is a different location. The location however always has a comfortable place for participants to sleep. During the weekend participants compete in different awesome activities, al within a theme. A few themes from preceding years are:

2010: Summer Halloween [The location the name of which must not be spoken]

2011: Indiana Jones [Helvoirt]

2012: Mythbusters [Bennekom]

2013: Harry Potter [Berkel-Enschot]

2014: Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Commandos vs. De Evil Boswachter [Loon op zand]

2016: Alice in Alcatraz [Otterlo]

2017: We ALl DO business [Lunteren]

We hope to see you at our camp this year!