From left to right: Ralf, Harmke, Sybren, Emmy, Dries, Sander, Clara, Justus, Sverre, Coen, Anna, Joost.


‘ParTNT’ is the party committee of V.C.M.W. Sigma and is one of the youngest committees of Sigma, which is weird because mankind has been partying non-stop for thousands of years. When Sigma celebrated its 30th anniversary, Explosief was founded because Sigma members wanted to have more parties, which makes complete sense. Later when internationals joined Sigma the name was changed to ParTNT. The name ParTNT contains the words party and the explosive sustenance trinitrotoluene(tnt). The last one remembers us of the old ‘Explosief’. In the early days, our committee was called Explosief because within Sigma, nothing was done with explosions before. But Explosief and ParTNT do: All our parties explode to a cacophony of fun, fun and even more fun.

The mythical moment that Explosief was founded, is also described in the bible of epic party gatherings: 'Once upon a time, there were some chemistry-students. The students heard a big explosion. An explosion so big and powerful, they had to do something with it. So they started Explosief. In honor of the mighty explosion of confetti and beer.' 

ParTNT organizes a couple of parties every year. Annually, there is a gala and a Proud to be Faudt-party. And there is even more: There are four theme parties every year, exclusively for Sigma-members. These parties are all remembered for a long time because of their legendary quality. Since 2016, ParTNT also organizes a cantus every year. This is a great and traditional event of heavy singing and drinking; the favorite night of the throat and the vocal cords.

So come join us at our notorious parties or, even better, join the committee! We are always searching for new, enthusiastic reinforcements for our strong team. We can be contacted on and will gladly answer all of your questions.



Coen van Schayk (2014) Chairman
Emmy van Herpen (2016) Secretary
Marieke Reijneveld (2015) Secretary
Dries Kleuskens (2015) Treasurer
Joost Hutzezon (2016) Head of Promotion
Sverre van Es (2013) -
Sybren Schoustra (2013) -
Justus op den Brouw (2014) -
Ralf Kooken (2013) -
Harmke Biezeman (2016) -
Sander van Dijk (2015) -
Anna Bleeck (2016) -
Clara Lalo (2017) -