From left to right, top to bottom: Justin, Frederique, Job, Paula, Lieke, Eline, Anne, Jenny, Kim, Lieke, Alexander, Erik, Anne-Linge, Marith.





Anne Linge Huiskamp (2015) Chairman & Head of Promotion
Erik Monster (2015) Secretary
Marit Hoogendonk (2015) Treasurer and Head of Food
Frederique Turlings (2014) Head of Practical
Kim Steenbakkers (2014) Head of General Affairs
Justin van Laar (2015) -
Lieke Geessinck (2016) -
Lieke Wouters (2016) -
Jenny Dammer (2015) -
Job Gieling (2016) -
Paula Teeuwen (2016) -
Eline van Alfen (2016) -
Alexander Lindberg (2017) -
Anne Hage (2017) -

The parent’s day is organised by S.V. Leonardo Da Vinci and V.C.M.W. Sigma. On this day all parents of the first year students of Chemistry, Molecular Life Sciences and Science are invited. The goal is to let the parents see what a day of their son/daughter is like at the university.


The parent’s day is an annual event in which about 250 people participate and collaborate. The whole day situates in and around the Huygens building. Safety rules apply in the labs, rooms have a maximal capacity and everyone has to get something to eat. This is what makes arranging a parent’s day different from arranging a drink or a party. The parent’s day committee starts at the beginning of the academic year with arranging everything and more attention is required as the day approaches. Being part of the committee is an educational experience, so the time is spent usefully. This is not the only advantage. You get to know more people, so being part of a committee is also a very social occasion. 

Parent’s day

The day starts with the well-known safety lecture of Tom Bloemberg. After this exciting lecture parents can catch their breath with a nice cup of coffee and biscuits. Then it is time for the parents to go a lecture or work at the lab. Everyone has to wear a lab coat and lab glasses (fortunately there is a committee), because the same rules apply to the parents as to us. In the lab they will of course just titrate, but also cut DNA, shoot balls and change a nickel in a ten-cent piece and a lot more. Obviously, one gets tired of all these occupations, so afterwards a delicious meal is served. In the afternoon there will be two more rounds of lectures and practicals with a coffee break in between. During the lectures teachers speak about their own research field. One parent does not get it at all, while the other thinks the lecture is going too slowly. In short: an impossible task for the teacher, but they always do their best work. After the whole day it is finally time for a drink.