From left to right, top to bottom: Thomas, Eva, Mathilde, Anna, Dennis, Stijn, Menno, Erik, Luuk, Lieke.




Maarten de Wit (2013) Chairman
Wieske de Swart (2014) Treasurer
Xian Riedijk (2013) -
Mathilde Janssen (2014) -
Luuk van Dijk (2015) -
Menno Baak (2015) -
Eva Harsevoort (2015) -
Stijn Reijmer (2015) -

Hi! We are the committee that organizes the introduction period (called the 'Intro' for short) for the Molecular Sciences cluster of the Radboud University. During the introduction we organize the fantastic study programme-specific part for Chemistry, MLS and Science for the future first-year's students. THE perfect moment to get to know the university, your classmates and of course the student life of Nijmegen. We do this in cooperation with Sigma and Leonardo.