Alumni Committee

From left to right, top to bottom: Eva, Menno, Anne, Yiri, Sabine, Dariga, Hilde, Dries, Anne, Yves, Timo.



Alumni Committee

Anne Ottenbros (2014) Chairman
Niek Aarts (2016) Secretary
Sabine Langens (2015) Treasurer
Dries van Schaijik (2015) Head of Promotion
Yiri Massop (2016) -
Timo Roelofs (2015) -
Dariga Zhaugasheva (2017) -
Anne Jacobs (2012) -

The Alumni Committee is a new committee designed to connect alumni and the current students. The main goal is to give the students a better insight in the career world and the jobs that scientists work in. Therefore, the alumni committee wants to host a networking event (previously hosted by AOW) and an alumni day. During the networking event companies will be invited to talk and connect with students. On the alumni day old members of Sigma are invited to catch up with each other and remember the good old stories of their student period.

Since this is the first year the committee is running, there are a lot of possibilities for the committee to explore and maybe we can take on more interesting activities. If you have any questions, remarks or ideas for nice activities you can always contact us at:!