42nd Board
42nd Board of V.C.M.W. Sigma, photos by Marijn Maas, From left to right: Niek, Julie, Tim, Harmke, Boris, Anna, Luuk

Harmke Biezeman

Tim Etman

Boris Olsthoorn

Julie Lammers

Niek Aarts

Anna Bleeck




Commissioner Educational Affairs

Commissioner External Affairs

Commissioner Internal Affairs

Chairman: Harmke Biezeman

Harmke Biezeman

Hey lovely Sigmans,

My name is Harmke Biezeman. I’m currently twenty years old and in my third year of the best study of all: MLS. This year I have the honor of leading Sigma, together with my fellow board members, as the Chairman of the 42nd board! This means that, among other things, I’ll be leading the board meetings and the general meetings.

Before I came to study here, I thought I would never join committees or be active in an association. However, already quite soon I decided to attend an Explosief meeting (now ParTNT) and I was instantly hooked on the committee life. I tried to go to as many activities as I could and later in my first year I decided to join SOS as well, where I became the secretary.

I’ll tell you a little bit about myself: I was born in the beautiful city of Nijmegen, but unfortunately we moved to Oss before I was even a year old. This is where I grew up and went to school. After half a year of studying and crashing at my friends rooms, I was finally able to get a room in Nijmegen. Now I can spend all my time at the Sigma activities, at the gym or trying to pet cats I see on the street.

If you want, you can always come to me in the boardrooms or at activities to talk to me, and don’t hesitate to tag me in pictures of cute dogs!

Secretary: Tim Etman

Tim Etman

Hello Sigmans,

My name is Tim Etman. I’m currently twenty years old and in my third year of Chemistry. This year I’ll be the Secretary of the 42nd board of V.C.M.W. Sigma. Be prepared to have your inbox terrorised by a wave of e-mails with my name under them! Apart from the board I’m also active as the current chairman of the G-mi, Sigma’s magazine that comes out every quarter (or is supposed to at least). I’m also part of the Exchange committee and SOS, Sigma’s travel committee.

Before I moved to the beautiful city of Nijmegen I lived in Serooskerke, a town no one has ever heard of, in the province of Zeeland. After moving away as soon as I could manage I moved to Nijmegen. I now live in the infamous Hoogeveldt complex right next to the Huygens where I spend most of my time playing video games and reading comic books. I also enjoy a nice craft beer now and then and go out to party quite often as well.

I’m always available for a talk or a drink so just look for me in the south canteen or the boardrooms.

Treasurer: Boris Olsthoorn

Boris Olsthoorn

Hey Sigmans & Sigmates,

My name is Boris Olsthoorn and at the moment of writing I have spent 20 years on this world already, of which 2 years on the Radboud University studying Chemistry. This year I will be the treasurer of V.C.M.W. Sigma, meaning I will be in charge of the money and finances of the association. On top of this I am a member of the Exchange committee, which will host students from Zürich this year in Nijmegen.

I was born and raised in the amazing city of Nijmegen itself and when the time came to pick a city to study I simply could not leave the oldest city of The Netherlands behind. A fun fact is that I almost studied Science instead of Chemistry, I only made a decision a few days before the subscription deadline. As a kid I played football and theater and although I stopped doing both I still like to watch football and support my favourite club: Sparta Rotterdam (I know, a weird choice for a true Nijmegenaar). Nowadays I spend my free time playing games, drinking with friends, visiting concerts & festivals and playing the drums.

If you want to get to know me better, or talk about new awesome bands, games or the latest football results, you can find me in the boardrooms or South Canteen, or of course at our activities!

Commissioner Educational Affairs: Julie Lammers

Julie Lammers

Dear fellow Sigmans,

My name is Julie Lammers, I am currently nineteen years old and in my third year of Molecular Life Sciences. This year, I will be the Commissioner Educational Affairs of the 42nd board, meaning that I’m in charge of your oversized labcoats and your well deserved diplomas.

I grew up in Varsseveld, a small town in the beautiful Achterhoek. If you are a great football fan (or South-Korean), you probably know this town. If not, look it up on the internet and come tell me what you found. After living and playing volleyball in this quiet, small town for 17 years I decided to go study in Nijmegen, the city where I was actually born.

After one year of studying in Nijmegen, I got to love the city and moved. I decided to join the StudyCee at the start of my second year and at the time of writing this piece of text, I just had my first meeting with the Acquisition Committee. Besides this more serious stuff, I really like to join parties, to travel around the world or to play a game of 30 seconds.

So, if you want to get to know me better, want to talk about your latest holiday, want to play a game of volleyball or just want to share some random stuff, come talk to me in the board rooms or at a Sigma-activity. I’m always in for a talk! Let’s make it an awesome year together!

Commissioner External Affairs: Niek Aarts

Niek Aarts

Hey everyone,

My name is Niek Aarts and I am 20 years old. Currently I am in my 3rd year of my bachelor in Chemistry. I will be fulfilling the function of commissioner External Affairs in the 42nd board. This means I will be responsible for the contact with companies and making sure we have enough sponsoring for next year. I will also be one of the two confidence persons.

However before I got to this point I first had to survive my youth. My early years were not that dangerous as I was raised in Wageningen, the city with the biology university, therefore only peaceful people live there. But when I went to middle school I had to go to Arnhem. Luckily when I went to university I went to Nijmegen which is a much nicer city than Arnhem.

Besides my studies and board responsibilities here in Nijmegen, I like to do other things as well. Deep down inside me a biologist hides. I very much enjoy nature and birdwatching in particular. My favourite bird is the Bee-eater. Look it up, it is very pretty. However the getting up early to go to the ‘uiterwaarden’ has to be balanced with going out which I also like to do. Those evenings usually start at a borrel or activity of Sigma.

Commissioner Internal Affairs: Anna Bleeck

Anna Bleeck

Dear fellow Sigmans,

My name is Anna, I am currently twenty-one and now in my third year of studying MLS. Half way through my first year I joined my first committee Photon, then half a year later I was already chair of this committee. But just this one committee didn’t fulfill me, and I had too much free time left so I decided to join some more committees: ParTNT, Galacie and the Introcie. I was still not satisfied by the amount of committee work and the only way I thought I could change this was by joining the board and taking care of all the committees. And here I am now as your Commissioner Internal Affairs of the 42nd Board!

I was born in Aken in Germany which is close to the Dutch border and I now am Sigma’s first international board member. In the bit of time I am not doing something with Sigma I like to go to the gym or bake some fancy birthday cakes for friends. If you ever want to talk to me and get to know me better you can probably find me in the boardrooms or at a Sigma activity taking pictures.

I will also be one of the confidants of Sigma this year, so I am always there if you need to talk about some more serious topics.